Altered Ego

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Altered Ego 

Altered Ego explores the worlds of espionage and deception…  We are enabling wannabe agents to create new identities and trial them in the real world.  

The project is rooted in personal experience.  Artist, David Sinden, survived a brain haemorrhage in 2001.  He had to create a new identity and define new roles to navigate his changed social and professional landscapes.  He had to project a new, consistent and convincing image of himself into the world: one which attempted to cover up his memory problems.  His work with other brain injury survivors and disabled artists made him aware that this is a universal phenomenon – the only issue is the degree to which the new self varies from actuality...

Altered Ego comprise a series of experiments and interventions which includes:

We have brought together disabled and non-disabled artists and agitators from across disciplines who are willing to create new identities and trial them in a process that started in October 2017.

Altered Ego is a partnership between Disability Arts Cymru, Bath Spa University and Cardiff School of Art & Design.   It will be led by artists, Kate Woodward and David Sinden.  This is an initial research phase leading to an exhibition and symposium in 2018.

If you would be interested in participating in the wider Altered Ego project, please send a short statement telling us why it interests you, who you are and what you do, to: